Heartfulness collector's edition 2016-2017- Hindi

Heartfulness collector's edition 2016-2017- Hindi
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Language: HINDI
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Year of Publication: 2019

During 2016 - 2017, Heartfulness magazine has featured a series of articles entitled "The evolution of consciousness' by Kamlesh Patel, also known as Daaji. The articles explain a range of perspectives on the evolution of conciousness and its central role in any practice or philosophy of human development. 

Starting with an understanding of the vibrational qualities of the three bodies that make up all life forms, including human beings, Daaji goes on to describe the importance of the subtle body in our evolution. He links this with meditation practices and how they help the subtle body to evolve. Daaji explores the vital role of Yogic Transmission in catalyzing that process, leading to the expansion of conciousness along the spectrum from the deepest recesses of the subconscious mind to the subtlest realms of superconsciousness, opening human potential. 

Daaji also describe the basics of the chakra system of the human being in his series, 'March to Freedom', and the journey we make through this system as we evolve our consciousness. He also challenges us to ask, 'Why should we want to expand our consciousness to a higher destiny?" and "How much freedom do we have to choose our destiny?" At every stage throughout the series, he consistently comes back to the inner practice that is the key to the essence of our existence. 

Finally, throughout these articles, Daaji ties our consciousness with the space-time continuum of the universe, linking science and spirituality in a natural way. 

Enjoy this collection of inspiring articiles!