Talks on Gita - Vinoba Bhave

Talks on Gita - Vinoba Bhave
Talks on Gita - Vinoba Bhave
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Edition: First
Author: Vinobabhave
Language: ENGLISH
Genre: Public
Year of Publication: 2019

Vinoba Bhave's main interest was creating a spiritual foundation for the whole social system. He would say, "The world may forget all other services that I rendered, but will never forget these. I was in a state of complete absorption (Samadhi) while composing and giving the talks on Gita, hence I believe these creations will keep serving mankind." 
Talks on the Gita has been translated into all Indian languages and many foreign languages. In these talks we find a spiritual approach to the practicalities of daily life, and thus they are very relevant today and will continue to transform lives in the future.
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6 x 9 inchs
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Attraction: The Heartfulness Way Series Foreword by Daaji
Cover :  Gold & Silver Foiling illustration of Lord Krishna gives a sense of Geeta's Karmayoga
Binding : Hard Binding with rounded Spine