The Heartfulness Way - Collector's Edition

The Heartfulness Way - Collector's Edition
The Heartfulness Way - Collector's Edition
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Year of Publication: 2018

This is a special edition of the book 'The Heartfulness Way'. This book is excellent for spiritual seeker s in current time, it is engaging and filled with philosophies of life that you can connect with yourself. --By Rahul on 18 January 2018

How many books when you read you FEEL that it should never finish, just go on and on and on. This is one of those books. Whatever you want to ask some1 related to life and meditation just think that question in mind and it will be answered here ! Very subtle and deep book. --By Amazon customer on 19 January 2018

A must read guide to the Heartfulness way and how it can change our day-to-day lives. The author has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of Heartfulness approach and its transformative potential through a series of easy to understand candid conversations with Daaji. Heartfulness proposes a balanced, integrated existence, where life's spiritual and material aspects can harmoniously coexist. Its is an invitation to experience the simple practice that has transformed my life and of many others practicing the Heartfulness Way around the world. Its easily adopted practices are appropriate for people from all walks of life, cultures, religious beliefs and economic status over the age of 15. Give it a try and let your heart guide you. --By Vijay on 20 January 2018