He The Wonder - Volume.2 - HB (ENGLISH)

 He The Wonder - Volume.2 - HB (ENGLISH)
 He The Wonder - Volume.2 - HB (ENGLISH)
Price: ₹300.00
Product Code: 2540
Edition: 1
Author: V K Somakumar
Language: ENGLISH
Genre: Abhyasi
Year of Publication: 2017

The story told in this volume cannot fail to inspire wonder and admiration. It gives us a close-up view of a year in the life of Chariji. We follow him on four overseas trips during which, at the age of seventy-three, he visited nine countries in three continents. We find extracts from Master’s public talks as well as many informal conversations over the lunch table, in airport lounges and elsewhere. They are a wonderful reminder of Chariji’s stimulating, humorous and often provocative style through which he tried to shake us from our prejudices and preconceptions.