In Conversation With Daaji - Vol.4 USB (ENGLISH)

In Conversation With Daaji - Vol.4 USB (ENGLISH)
In Conversation With Daaji - Vol.4 USB (ENGLISH)
Price: ₹1,000.00
Product Code: 2498
Language: ENGLISH
Genre: Members
Year of Publication: 2017

In Conversation With Daaji - Vol.4 USB (ENGLISH)

* Visiting Card Pendrive
* USB 2.0
* Memory – 8GB
* Video Quality – HD 720P and Full HD 1080P
* MP3 Audio


Mould Your Lifestyle
Daaji talks about how to make changes in our lifestyle to become simple and excel in life. He also shares with us some thoughts on religion and spirituality.

What Path to Follow?
The interviewer asks Daaji how to choose a spiritual practice, and he answers with some practical tips. Then he goes on to explain the speciality of Heartfulness.

From Religion to Spirituality
Daaji describes the progression from religion to spirituality in more detail, touching upon the purpose of Yoga, and how Heartfulness helps us in our day-to-day lives.

In this session, Daaji focuses on bhakti or devotion: what we think it is and what it really is; its importance in any spiritual practice.

Daaji explains the real purpose of offering and receiving Prasad, and the science behind it. He also touches upon other rituals briefly.

Destiny and Karma
Daaji explores the concepts of destiny, karma and free will. He gives us the possibility to reach the pinnacle of human existence in this very lifetime.