In Conversation With Daaji - Vol.2 USB (ENGLISH)

In Conversation With Daaji - Vol.2 USB (ENGLISH)
In Conversation With Daaji - Vol.2 USB (ENGLISH)
Price: ₹1,000.00
Product Code: 2496
Language: ENGLISH
Genre: Members
Year of Publication: 2017

In Conversation With Daaji - Vol.2 USB (ENGLISH)

* Visiting Card Pendrive
* USB 2.0
* Memory – 8GB
* Video Quality – HD 720P and Full HD 1080P
* MP3 Audio


Self-Development and Generosity
Daaji explains the meaning of self-development and emphasises the need to be open to change in order to develop and transform oneself progressively.

Evolution of Consciousness
Daaji talks about evolution. He explains the subtle body and its evolution with a diagrammatic representation.

Heartfulness Relaxation
Daaji demonstrates the technique of Heartfulness relaxation, and he explains the practice of Heartfulness meditation with the help of yogic transmission.

Heartfulness Cleaning
Daaji clarifies different aspects of the Heartfulness cleaning technique, and he explains the difference between meditation and cleaning.

Human Evolution
Daaji shares his love of the topic of human evolution, and explains how Yoga can accelerate this evolution.

Live Like a Lotus
Daaji shares his thoughts on how we can live unaffected by the world around by refining our lifestyle and training our mind.