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Collected Works of Dr K.C. Varadachari - Vol. 1 - HB (ENGLISH)
An assemblage of the three earlier publications called Talks on Efficacy of Raja Yoga in the Li..
A Peep into Sahaj Marg - HB (ENGLISH)
Providing revolutionary insights into spirituality, and answering queries that may be commonly posed..
Eng-Way of Love - HB (ENGLISH)
S.A. Sarnad of the Gulbarga centre in Karnataka, being a highly educated and erudite man, frequently..
At the Feet of the Master - Vol. 2 (ENGLISH)
This second volume of a biographical series, by Prashanth Vasu, is exclusively about the voyage..
Obedience -HB (ENGLISH)
This is the ninth volume of the Sahaj Marg Educational Series. It contains selected quotations of th..
Sahaj Deep Commerative Issue Jan 2015 (BENGALI)
Sahaj Deep Commerative Issue Jan 2015 ..
Letters to My Christian Family (ENGLISH)
This book is a collection of letters that the author, Shri A.P. Durai wrote to members of his extend..
Educational Series - 8 Devotion -HB (ENGLISH)
This is the eighth volume of the Sahaj Marg Educational Series containing quotations selected from t..
The Gift of Love (ENGLISH)
The Gift of Love, which is the sixteenth volume of The Principles of Sahaj Marg series, contains tal..
Yoga Vedanta and Sahaj Marg -HB (ENGLISH)
This book contains eleven lectures by the Sanskrit scholar, Dr K.S. Balasubramanian, who looks at Sa..