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Diaries of Chariji -HB (ENGLISH)
The Diaries of Chariji (1983-1985) is a rare autobiographical record about the life of the..
A Basic Guide For Preceptors - Volume 1 (ENGLISH)
A Basic Guide For Preceptors - Volume 1 (ENGLISH)  Since 2014, our Masters, first Chariji fo..
Teachings on the Trail (ENGLISH)
Teachings on the Trail contains A.P. Durai’s interactions with Chariji and his personal observa..
Tears and Laughter -HB (ENGLISH)
This book contains personal stories by ordinary people whose hearts were touched by an extraordinary..
In his foot steps- Vol 4 (ENGLISH)
This volume covers a the period of 1981 to 19th April 1983 - the day of his beloved Guruji's mahasam..
Whispers From the Brighter World-Vol 6 -HB (ENGLISH)
This selection of Hymns of Divine Love stands out for its subdued design permeating the subtlety of ..
Basics of Sahaj Marg (ENGLISH)
Basics of Sahaj Marg ..
Collected Works of Dr K.C. Varadachari - Vol. 1 - HB (ENGLISH)
An assemblage of the three earlier publications called Talks on Efficacy of Raja Yoga in the Li..
Complete Works of Ram Chandra - Vol. 6 - HB (ENGLISH)
The contents of this volume have come primarily from letters dictated or written by Ram Chandra of S..
A Peep into Sahaj Marg - HB (ENGLISH)
Providing revolutionary insights into spirituality, and answering queries that may be commonly posed..
Complete Works of Lalaji - Vol III -HB (ENGLISH)
Complete Works of Lalaji - Vol III ..
SahajMarg Companion (ENGLISH)
SahajMarg Companion ..
Eng-Way of Love - HB (ENGLISH)
S.A. Sarnad of the Gulbarga centre in Karnataka, being a highly educated and erudite man, frequently..
Towards Infinity (ENGLISH)
Originally written in Hindi by Ram Chandra (Babuji) under the title Anant ki Or in 1958, it was amon..
HeartSpeak 2014 (ENGLISH)
This volume contains the talks and messages given by Shri P. Rajagopalachari during 2014, the last y..
At the Feet of the Master Vol-2  HB (ENGLISH)
At the Feet of the Master Vol-2 HB ..
At the Feet of the Master - Vol. 2 (ENGLISH)
This second volume of a biographical series, by Prashanth Vasu, is exclusively about the voyage..
Truth Eternal (ENGLISH)
Truth Eternal ..
Pursuit of the Inner Way (ENGLISH)
This book is a collection of articles on various aspects of Sahaj Marg, written by Shri P. Rajagopal..
Heart of Education -HB (ENGLISH)
This is a collection of talks spanning the years 2005 to 2014, in which Shri P. Rajagopalachari addr..